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If you don't pay attention to

the small things,

you will fail at

the big things

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Coordination, planning

and execution

At Ferlisi Interior Design, we understand how important every detail is in the planning phase of a project. That's why we take over the coordination, planning and complete execution of your project with the greatest care and precision. Our goal is to turn your vision into reality, and you only have one point of contact for all your questions.

This central and integrated way of working proves to be efficient for our customers.

We firmly believe that the best options for your project can be found through imaginative and solution-oriented action. Our actions are professional and fair and we act within the framework of legal regulations.

Ferlisi Interior Architecture was founded on this philosophy of attention to detail and customer focus. We cordially invite you to an initial consultation to discuss your wishes and ideas. Please feel free to fill out the contact form or give us a call.

Your project can start – and we look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey.


4 important points

Project planning

Where visions take shape

In the project planning phase at Ferlisi Interior Architecture, we transform your ideas into concrete plans. With expertise and creativity, we design the cornerstone of your project to ensure that your vision is implemented in every respect. Trust in our expertise to make your dream project a reality


Your guide to optimal solutions

The tender phase at Ferlisi Interior Architecture is crucial for selecting the best resources and partners for your project. We attach great importance to creating precise and detailed tenders to ensure quality and efficiency. Trust in our expertise to find the ideal solutions for your project


Where dreams take shape

In the realization phase, Ferlisi Interior Architecture brings your vision to life. We implement the planned concepts with precision and dedication, paying attention to every detail. Rely on our expertise to realize your project with the highest quality.


Where transparency provides relief 

The percentage distribution of the total effort between the various sub-phases may deviate from this specification for tasks with different requirements for the performance process. This must be agreed on a case-by-case basis. The tariff is as follows.

Dipl. Technician HF-Interior Designer

Fees from 15% of the construction sum excluding VAT depending on the complexity of the project. in accordance with SIA and interior design guidelines. 

We have thereby created fair, transparent and clearly understandable price structures.

You can find detailed information in our Fee overview.

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Our services in
Interior construction

9 important phases


A visit on site or through photos.  
Depending on your request, we choose the most suitable variant.
In an initial conversation, we approach your ideas or are happy to reformulate everything. You can find our language here on


Internal, rough overview, preliminary planning with analysis of the basics and coordination with reference objects. You will receive an initial non-binding cost estimate. If necessary, planning and technical specifications will already be clarified at this point.


The basis for the craftsmen's preparation of offers are the on-site photographs - plans and the description of the services to be provided. The construction costs are compiled here. We will provide you with a recommendation for suitable tradesmen.

Planning documents

The costs for visualization with a floor plan are calculated individually depending on the complexity. They will not be charged to you when an order is placed.


With your consent, the individual companies will be commissioned. A schedule is drawn up and the various trades are informed.


On this basis, scale drawings are created and spatial visions are developed. Colored perspectives help you to clearly imagine the new rooms.


In this planning phase, the binding instructions for the craftsmen are created. This planning consists of the floor plan including detailed and wall views, the planning for built-in furniture and the product list with planned furniture, lights, decorations and accessories. All plans contain the dimensions, material and color information necessary for construction. This includes execution, detail and construction drawings.


Supervision of construction and assembly work for your project.
It is monitored whether the installations are carried out according to the specifications and plans. The trades are coordinated and compliance with the schedule is monitored. Any changes are highlighted and adjustments to identified deviations are discussed. Our construction organization includes periodic site visits. Additional expenses are always discussed with the builders first and then approved by them. The contractor trades assume liability and guarantee for the work carried out. 


The construction acceptance after completion of the work is part of our services and is part of it. One-off improvements will be made. After handover with acceptance protocol, all entrepreneurs will be invoiced. 

We will remain at your side with our expertise, even after the project has been completed. 

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